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    One more question.

    d0brin Level 1

      I have a flash menu. Every module of the menu is in one mc and for the 3 menus the global mc is the same. The text in this MC is placed in 4 frames where on 1st frame is one module on 2nd frame is another module and so on... my question is how to link with what code to link the different frame modules to the 4 MC that i have as menus. again this menus are made from 1 same mc, and in it i have an other mc with the texts of the menus how to link on the different mc's to show different frame from the text_mc ? do you understand me?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          i don't understand that set-up.  and, i don't understand what you mean by "module".


          i understand you have a flash menu and i think you're trying to say that menu has 3 movieclip links or maybe 3 submenus.

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            d0brin Level 1

            okey here is it more clear.

            I have a menu, that has 4 categories. Home, Forum, Portfolio, About

            For the buttons i have one mc in which is made the entire animation for rollOver, rollOut and release.

            This same mc is used for the 4 menus. On the main scene this mc is copied 4 times,

            In this mc there is my text animation. My text is placed into another movie clip and than it is animated.

            In this movie clip with my text. I have 4 frames. Each frame contains the texts Home, Forum, Portfolio, About.

            Since the mc is the same for each menu, how to link this mc to corresponds with a certain frame from the text mc. Like the first mc to be connected with Home, the second copied mc to be connected with Forum, the 3rd with Portfolio and the last with About. How to make that link?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              assign each movieclip an instance name.  so, if your 4 menus are homeMC,forumMC,portfolioMc and aboutMC and each contains a movieclip named textAnimationMC which contains 4 frames, you would use:





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