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    ANT <> Export -> Release Build

      I am attempting to compile my application using ANT in order to get continuous integration working seamlessly. I am using the canned Ant tasks. I am also using <project name>-config.xml files for each of the projects.

      1. Common - generates Common.swc, uses Externals for Framework.swc, RPC.swc
      2. Search - generates Search.swf, Common.swf. Uses RSLs for Common, Framework, RPC

      When I use the Flex Builder Export method, I get working swfs that are sized (common) 40Kb, (Search) 235Lb

      When I attempt to emulate with Ant, I get a successful build with nonfunctional swfs that are sized (common) 52Kb, (Search) 321Kb

      Is there a method to create an working build from an ant project that emulates the flex builder process using RSLs?