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    Print output for PDF inverted.




      I am having an issue with Adobe Reader 9.0.


      When I print my PDF files using Grayscale they all output with black background and white text. My PDF documents are not like this at all, they use a white background and black text. This only happens with PDF files.


      The printer is a HP Laserjet 3600.

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          Cloakedbolt Level 1

          Still unable to get this working correctly,


          Is there a setting on the printer itself that must be configured? Or is it on the printer properties in Windows XP?

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            Cloakedbolt Level 1

            Just replying to post the solution, so if someone is looking for the solution, it will be there.


            The issue was my printer driver. Apparently it's a bug with the latest drivers, that glitched the grayscale function on the 3600. Unsure why it only affected PDF files though.


            Anyway, I just deleted the printer and I deleted the driver from the server properties (contextual menu in Print & Faxes, Driver tab). Then I reinstalled it using the older drivers.