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    Click boxes and text boxes

    Devonuk Level 1

      I can't get the following to work


      I placed two click boxes on top of each other. And used Multifunction for both


      Click Box 1 opens a text box which was hidden by using the show command.  Click box 1 then hides itself  with the hide command.


      menu options


      show = text box
              = Show click box 2


      hide = Click box 1


      At this point click box 2 is enabled and clicking on it opens another hidden text box but it won't allow me to close the 1st text box no matter what setting i use.


      I want Clickbox 2 to sit over Click box 1 so when one has been clicked and hidden or disabled click box 2 then comes to the front.


      This won't work.


      To give yo an idea what i'm trying to do.


      I have a soldier when you 1st click him he says hell by text box  2nd click the text box closes and another opens saying, yes why u poking me.  Clicking again that text box closes and another opens to say stop clicking me etc.



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Should be pretty standard stuff. My guess is that what is nailing you is that the playhead needs to be repositioned so it floats back to the pause point. You do this using either Advanced Actions or by configuring a slide immediately before the current slide that you jump to.


          Cheers... Rick




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            Devonuk Level 1

            Hi Rick


            I'm not sure how you do what you suggest.


            Reading back my problem I have over complicated it.  All I want to do id clcik in one place several times which then shows different tect boxes.  I know about show and hide but it doesnt work.

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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              Do I understand your question all right: you want to have one click box, and repeated clicking on it should show different Text Captions?


              Is it you who decide the order in which the Text Captions appear?


              You could use the first workflow suggested by Rick but it would need several advanced actions (to include not only the show action for the proper Text Caption, but also to change a user variable and reposition the playhead to the start of the slide so that the click box is pausing again). It is possible, but depending on the number of Text Captions you are aiming at, needs some thinking.


              More simple, but probably resulting in the same user experience: create as many duplicate slides as you have Text Captions to show. On each slide you show the proper TC. Just be aware to eliminate Fadings not to disturb the illusion for the user that he/she is always on the same slide.


              Hope this makes sense,



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