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    Import html file freezes RoboHelp


      I have to shut down RoboHelp right after an import. The file won't import. I'm using 7.03. I really need to find a solution fast. Anyone out there have a fix?



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          lmarden Level 2

          hmmm, not sure if anything is really broken. I am in 7.03, and import html files with wild abandon.


          I assume you have tested with more than one html file, and in more than one Help project - and that it happens with all attempts??


          If it's just one project, it wouldn't hurt to let RH rebuild the cpd file, then try again.  (rename the *.cpd file in your project folder, then open the project. the cpd file will rebuild itself.)


          When you say you have to shut down RH after you import, what do you mean? Does it lock up? Are any error messages displayed?

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            Diech Level 1

            Nothing can be selected in Robohelp after the import. There is no error message. I appreciate your solution, but it sounds like Greek to me.

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              lmarden Level 2

              but you haven't answered my initial question. does the lockup happen in more than one project? when you try to import any html file?


              if it happens in all cases, in multiple projects, then the "Greek" portion of my reply probably wouldn't make a difference.


              as for the Greek - I am referring to deleting (or renaming) the project's cpd file, which is stored on your hard drive, in the folder that holds all your project's files. open Windows Explorer, navigate to that folder, and delete or rename the file that ends in .cpd. Then, when you open the project again, that file automatically rebuilds itself.

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                Diech Level 1

                Sorry for not answering your question. Yes, it happens in other projects.

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                  lmarden Level 2

                  OK. So, if it happens in multiple projects. Chances are the projects themselves are not the issue, then.


                  So what's left - either the program,  or the html files you are trying to import.


                  Let's start with the html files. You haven't said whether any html file causes the crash. Have you tried multiple files? Is there anything unusual about these files? Can you create a plain html file with miminal content (even in Notepad you can do this) and try to import that?


                  If every html file, no matter the content, fails to import, then I would start looking at the third variable - the program. Now, as I said before, I don't think a normal, complete installation of RH 7.03 has a problem with import, because I do it all the time. It would fail for me too, right?


                  So - are your RoboHelp program and your project files ALL on your local workstation? They must be, for best results - RH is not a networkable program. It may seem to work fine with the project and / or the program on some remote drive, but sooner or later, it will bite you in the arse. So if that's the case, move everything to your local hard drive and try again. That means uninstalling the program from your networked location, and installing it with all v7 updates on your personal workstation.


                  If everything is already local, then I would consider uninstalling and reinstalling the v7 and all the updates on your local workstation.


                  gives you a lot to think about. just take one step at a time. you'll get there, because this functionality is not broken.

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                    Diech Level 1

                    I've found a way to get stop the freeze!!! I press Esc on the keyboard. Hurrah!!! Thanks for your help. Maybe this problem is because I'm using a MS keyboard that's plugged into my laptop??

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                      TheMarcus7 Level 1

                      What occured to me when I read your description was that RH is probably opening a dialog box behind the main view. The dialog box has focus but doesn't get promoted to the "top". When you hit Esc, it flushes the dialog box and returns focus to the main view. You might try reducing the size of the main window, and dragging it around when the freeze occurs, or check your Taskbar and see if more than one window is listed for RH.



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                        Diech Level 1

                        I checked for hidden popups -- there aren't any. Also, the only thing I was able to open was Robo's Help. Anyway, pressing Esc works, so for now I can keep working.


                        Thanks for your help!