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    play change event


      Where is org.osmf.events.PlayingChangeEvent.PLAYING_CHANGE? Has it been replaced with PlayTrait's PlayEvent.PLAY_STATE_CHANGE?


      (This question comes from a customer.  Reposting here for the OSMF team to respond and for the benefit of the whole group.)

      Sumner Paine
      osmf product manager

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          Edwin van Rijkom Level 2

          Hi Sumner,


          Yes, that's correct: the play trait now has a playState property, that can be set to either "playing", "paused" or "stopped". On the state changing, the PlayEvent.PLAY_STATE_CHANGE event gets dispatched.


          We have this new state, because the new PlayTrait object merges and replaces the previous IPlayable and IPausable traits. As such the "playing" and "paused" properties, and their events, are no longer available.