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    Uninstallation methods

    cjanelle Level 1

      The last time I had to deploy a Shockwave patch on a bunch of computers, I believe I called unwise.exe to uninstall Shockwave. Perhaps I'm just overlooking that file this time? Otherwise, how are the rest of you uninstalling mass installations of Shockwave in order to deploy this new version?

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Can you not uninstall via the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs option?

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            Adobe provides an uninstaller for Shockwave: sw_uninstaller.exe, which can be run silently with the param:  /silent


            I use this to uninstall old versions before installing new updates for my users.  However, Adobe is asking  us to restart after the uninstall prior to installing the new release.  I haven't had a chance to thoroughly test/review the uninstall for yet.  Does anyone have any idea why the restart is required?  What file could possibly still be in use that would require the restart?


            Could it be that it is only necessary for folks that have installed the on-line version direct from Adobe.com?  Perhaps it won't be necessary for those of us who installed the full-off-line version for our users?


            I'll start digging into this but, any advance notice would be appreciated (Adobe -- are you listening??)

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              cjanelle Level 1

              This would have been perfect for me, but I've already tried that uninstaller and Shockwave is still showing up in Add/Remove Programs...so it looks like it doesn't work for this version. Is it working for anyone else? As for just using Add/Remove programs to begin with, we have it installed on something like 200 computers. It's kind of a lot to go through and do by hand like that. But thanks for the responses!

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                dbjr63x Level 1

                i have @ 1600 computer i need to uninstall this on and i have downloaded and tested the sw_uninstaller.exe



                i tried it with the /s or /silent switches and it appears to run but shockwave still show up in add remove programs.


                i then manually ran it and it said shockwave was succesffully uninstalled. i then went to the shockwave welcome page to see if shockwave was working. i then got prompted to install shockwave because it was missing.


                however shockwave is still listed in add remove programs. i even rebooted and it still shows up.


                i think it a bug in adobe shockwave uninstall program. hopefully they will fix it and release a new one.

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                  NLee1234 Level 1

                  Be sure that you are running this SW_Uninstaller.exe as Administrator.  I've tested for my installations ( installed as System) and the uninstaller ran successfully for me (as system) and removed the add/remove control panel as well.


                  When I monitored the uninstall and restart procedures, I do see Pending file renames to remove a temp dir/file in the user's profile: \~nsu.tmp


                  Perhaps this is the reason for the restart requirement?

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                    dbjr63x Level 1

                    i was running it with local adminstrator rights and it was working the way i des



                    i will set the installer to run via SCCM and see what the results are when it runs with SYSTEM rights.

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                      UnresponsiveBeeVictim Level 1

                      Did you deploy Shockwave via exe or msi? I have run into the described issue trying to run the uninstaller exe, which fails to uninstall SW if I've applied the msi.

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                        dbjr63x Level 1

                        it most likely a mix of people installing from the adobe website and some from SCCM (that is the MSI).



                        my testing is from the shockwave.msi install. i have not tried to install it from the website and then run the uninstall and see what happens.

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                          UnresponsiveBeeVictim Level 1

                          Under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Shockwave 11\InstallType you can see which they've applied. Can you write and deploy a script to run the sw_uninstaller.exe for those with the LicensedEXE, and run the /uninstall switch for those with the LicensedMsi?

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                            cjanelle Level 1

                            Wow, thanks! We did use .msi installs. I can't believe this method didn't occur to me. Just because I haven't used it before, I guess. In case anyone else new to this needs it, that looks like this:


                            msiexec /uninstall NameOfTheMsi.msi /quiet


                            If you're working from a network location, like this (at least, this is the way I know). Keep the original .msi in the same folder as a file with these commands:


                            pushd "%~dp0"
                            msiexec /uninstall NameOfTheMsi.msi /quiet


                            Suggestions on better methods are always welcome. Like I said, pretty new to this.

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                              alibaba7 Level 1

                              Yes you cant

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                                emil4ik Level 1

                                We had mixed environment with both LicensedEXE and MSI installs of many older versions of the Shockwave players.

                                Here is what I did to mass deploy latest version ( Shockwave ) with MS SCCM2012 R2 to bring those computers up-to-date:


                                Create a package containing 3 files and distribute it to your DPs:


                                You can create a program to install new version while you're still in it ( use this command: msiexec /i sw_lic_full_installer.msi /qn ).



                                Then created a simple Task Sequence to:

                                1.) Run Powershell Script to uninstall all MSI-installed products.Use script file ( Uninstall_Shockwave.ps1 ) from the package created earlier.

                                    PS Script file contains just two lines:


                                              #Un-Install Adobe all versions of Shockwave Players

                                              Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product -ComputerName "." -Filter "Name like '%Shockwave%' and Vendor LIKE '%Adobe%'" | Foreach-Object { MsiExec.exe /X $($_.IdentifyingNumber) /qn }

                                               Start-Sleep -s 60  #Just to give a minute to finish the process


                                2.) Run Command Line  SW_uninstaller.exe /silent to uninstall all LicensedEXE installs of the Shockwave


                                3.) Do one of those 3 options:

                                • Run Command Line from the same package: msiexec /i sw_lic_full_installer.msi /qn
                                • Install Application if you already had it created before.
                                • Install program from the package ( if you created it in the beginning)


                                I would recommend creating and using an Application (with uninstall parameters) to advertise it to users or computers.  


                                Let me know how it worked for you dbjr63x