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    Quick Track Matte Question Please Help!

    elementsk8er506 Level 1

      Hey there,


      I'm dealing with composting 3d with live footage...
      What I'm dealing with now is matching the shadows with the real footage.


      After rendering the 3d I realised theres some little shadow stuff I need to adjust so I fig I would make quick fake shadows in AE using feathered masks with a slight opacity.


      I came into a problem..


      I'm trying to take my shadow feathered solid and only apply it to my 3d, not my live footage.
      I tried putting the shadow layer over the cg and then giving the cg an alpha inverted track matte but all that did was make my shadow completly transparent.


      How can I go about adding a solid over one layer and have it not affect the others? Thanks


      - Mike