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    DragOver event problem

    William Spence Level 1

      DragOver event does NOT work with Adobe AIR. It works well with the <mx:Application />, the browser version of Flex, but does NOT get triggered continuously when used with <mx:WindowedApplication/>, using Adobe AIR. Is there something that one has to do with the NativeDragmanager to get this working. I am pasting the following code snippet, to make things clearer."


      <mx:Tile width="400" height="300" horizontalCenter="0" verticalCenter="15" dragEnter="dragEnterHandler(event)" dragDrop="dragDropHandler(event)" dragOver="onMouseDown(event)">


      private function onMouseDown(event:Event):void{

                   mLabel.text = "X " + event.target.mouseX + " Y " + event.target.mouseY;




      This works well with the browser version, giving out new corodinates depending on the mouse cursor position, but does not work with AIR. Please help me out with this if you have any suggestions.