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    Communication with embedded shockwave

      I have a sprite behavior attached to a sprite that is populated by shockwave .dcr files, based on user selection. The sprite behavior instances a popup up menu on rightMouseUp that allow selecting a different 2d shockwave .dcr. animation by changing the member of sprite property. Very simple, elegant and works quite well.

      Now I am trying something new. I'd like to mix in a 3D movie. Unlike the 2d animations, this 3d animation has embedded behaviors and triggers to allow control of the 3D-- specifically rotation on left mousedown.

      Problem: With the menu popup behavior attached to the sprite in the main movie, the mouse events do not seem to be passed to the embedded movie-- thus the rotation does not work on the 3D.

      If I remove the popup menu behavior in the main movie the rotation works fine, but then the other animations can't be selected....

      I know there must be a way, and it may even be pretty simple. However, I've never done any movie to movie communication, so I'm not sure how to go about this or even which method to attempt first. After searching the forum and googling, I'm wondering if this is a job for the connection object. Also I've been reading the docs on the "tell" commands, and wondering if that may work.

      Any help or guidance to steer me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!