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    Scrollbar Navigation-Make Actionable

    Primal Atom



      I have made a Horizontal Scrollbar having 10 Items (as a datalist component). I wish to mouse-click each item in the list (separately) to cause an action... i.e., to move a "scroll pane" to a specific spot.


      In building the concept proof, I have the following questions:

      1.) In the datalist component—how does one designate each item (individually) to have a "clickable" action?

      (I see in the HUD the ability to "Accept Mouse Click", but I can't find where to assign this action. When you double click the [datalist] component, you're shown the edit mode of the original "Repeatable Item", you can not directly access the other items to assign mouse-click/actions).


      2.) As a side-question...

      Does the "Slider" (vs scrollbar) component do anything other than... slide in Flash Catalyst? Or can you make it actually adjust/slide something, as the scroll bar does when connected to a datalist? (The Slider component does not do anything when you attach it to a datalist, so what else can it do in FC, or is it just a dead wireframe component?)