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    Error occured while Saving The Project


      I have a project that is giving me a 'unknown error occurred while saving the project. Select 'Save As' from the file menu and save the project to a new location'.


      It would seem that maybe it's saying that it's out of room but I'm saving on a harddisk that has over 1T of space left. I tried to do as they said and create another folder and save in a new location but  it gives me the same error.


      Has anyone dealt with this.? I have a wedding project that I can't make any changes to. It was doing this before and after I updated to Adobe 4.2.



      Adobe Premiere Cs4

      Matrox RXT2

      6 Rams of memory

      4T system

      Windows Vista 64 Bit

      Nividia GEForce 9600