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    IE Issue - Login button does nothing when accessing at secure URL

      I have a user login screen for a customer control panel located at www.realestate-websites.com that does nothing when you click on the login button when using IE on SOME computers.

      The computers that are having the problem get it every time
      Other computers running IE work fine everytime
      Different computers with the same version of IE get different results. Some work, some don't
      The problem only occurs when on the secure URL. Changing the URL to www.realestate-websites.com/flexCP/bin/main.html solves the problem, but it not a feasible solution
      Forefox and Safari both work fine everytime

      Steps to Recreate the Problem:
      Go to www.realestate-websites.com
      Click customer login in the bottom right of the footer. (this will open the login screen)
      Try to login with something. (if you get a message saying the user/pass was not correct, it is working correctly. If nothing at all seems to happen, it is broken)

      Secure URL: https://secure.realestate-websites.com/flexCP/bin/main.html
      Non-Secure URL: http://www.realestate-websites.com/flexCP/bin/main.html

      I could really use some help on this one. I have new customers signing up for our service (woohoo!!!), but they can't get in to use it (no woohoo!!....)