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    My AIR crashed sometimes


      Hi  all, I am very sorry to have to ask a terriable question in here ,Because my team and I have no way to fix our air  project bug.

         For my problem, I and my team have tried about 10 days, But still can not find why.

         Ok ,now I share my question and crashlog here in detail, if someone has the way to solve this bug. Please tell me .
         My email is : danny.liu@mikeinfor.com, and my msn is : heizi_liu@msn.com
         The problem is : when I run web browsing in my air application ,sometimes the air crashed by unhandle SIGSEGV
         1. my running OS is ubuntu  and the version is 9.04
         2. my cpu : INTEL Atom N270
         3. my air runtime is 2.0.
         4. After AIR crashed my ubuntu dumped message like this :
             Application crased by unhandled SIGSEGV
             Segmentation Default
         5. My AIR application maybe crashed in two cases:
            I: used the html loading to browsing the web page
            II: played the flash or others
         6. I think maybe these programing codes can help you find the reason.(these code for web browing function)
         7. Here I attached the log .
          Watting for you reply, thank you very much