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    Sequence flicker issue

    Benoitcn Level 1

      Between each effect there is a flicker when the next effect started.

      I try to use flex3.4 but the problem is still there. I really confused ~~


      <s:Application ..
            transitions="{[bm_tn]}" >
        <s:State name="state1" />
        <s:State name="state2" />

        <s:Transition id="bm_tran">
         <s:Sequence target="{bitmapimage1}" duration="500">
          <s:Resize />
          <s:Pause/>  <!-- seem isn't available -->
          <s:CrossFade />


      <s:BitmapImage height.state2="113"  height.state1="149" id="bitmapimage1" 
             width="429" />

      <s:Button label="Click Me!"  click="{currentState = (currentState == 'state1') ? 'state2':'state1';}"/>