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    Multicam Edit Really Slow

    Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

      I am editing DV PAL and have just noticed that there is bug which is delaying my keyboard commands to switch to different cameras in the multicamera window.


      Firstly after lining up my two cameras, I exported the audio alone to a wav format so I could mix it from both cameras right. Then imported it back into my project and overlayed the audio in track one of the layered sequence. I muted the audio from both cameras in track 2 and 3. Created another sequence and dragged my layered sequence for multicam edit. Apparently when I start playing with the yellow borders around camera 1, it plays fine but when I change to camera 2 it is just instant and the border now changes to red. If I press 1 for camera 1 it responds after 2 - 3 seconds and carries on like that. At times it appears as if its no longer playing in real time. All the colour correction in the layered sequence have been disabled.  I have stopped the editing because I would like to sync some of the sections with music beats in the scene to make it more interesting.


      Am I missing something, here or its my sytem or the footage that is just too slow for the editing process? Other than that I might have to push on like that and review the edit once the multicam window is closed. This method will not produce the results I am after. I have done it before and it use to work only slowing down when its coming to the end of at least 50 minutes multicam sequence and this one is just 40 minutes.


      All the video files are located on RAID 1.

      My system configuration is as follows


      APP CS4

      HP XW6600

      Quad Xeon 5420 2.5Ghz

      Vista Business 64bit

      Nvidia Quadro FX4600 GPU

      8GB RAM

      RAID 1 esata

      250 GB C drive HDD

      750 GB D drive

      22" HD monitor.


      I have attached a pdf which showed my system perfomance at the time of the multicam edit.

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          Bill Engeler Level 3

          One big bottleneck for the system is the way PPro deals with the audio. For a test, try disabling all the audio.  you should see a big performance increase.  The trick now is to keep PPro from working too hard on the sound.


          Try this - Instead of placing your mixed audio track on track 1 in the source timeline, place it in track 2 of the timeline you actually use for the multicamera editing.  Then delete anything in track 1 in this timeline.  You can link the video and track 2, but pay attention when you remove material that you are cutting audio 2 as well, to keep everything in sync.


          It may still not be perfect, but it should help.  You can also disable any color-correction on the tracks until you are finished cutting, as this is a system drag in multicam.


          Multicam is overall a bit of a mess in CS4.  The delay you see is no fun.  You will notice, however, that the actual cut will be at the right moment.

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            I started to have delays like that when I had nearly filled my hard drive.  Clearing room on the drive and defragging really sped things up.

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              Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

              Is it just me who is experiencing this problem? I wonder!!!!!!