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    Crashing when trying to render or burn dvd in PE8

    Susan Verner Level 1

      After becoming pretty successful with PE4, and tackling multiple hardware and memory issues over the last couple years--thanks in large part to help received here in this forum-- I decided to upgrade to PS/PE 8 in December.  Like others here, I was enticed by the rebate/low price.


      I created a project in PE 8 (slide show with approx. 120 pictures and one 5 second video clip and some music).  I have transitions and titles and a menu screen.  All of that went very well in PE 8, but everytime I tried to burn a dvd or render the timeline the program crashed.  I came here to the forum and read a post that said you need at least 4 GB of RAM to run PE 8.  I had 2 GB (and 400 GB free on my hard drive).  So I contacted Dell and purchased 2 GB RAM.  The RAM came today; I popped it in...and no relief.


      I have done all (I think) of the recommended steps.  My Windows software is up to date, my graphics driver is up to date.  I've tried changing the msconfig to eliminate some programs on start up.   I've run EndItAll2 before attempting to burn.  I've held down the shift key before launching the program.  I've tried launching the version of PE8 that doesn't start at the organizer.  Nothing seems to work.


      Curiously, even after I run EnditAll, when I look at the system processes, many of the programs that are supposed to be closed still seem open.  Not sure if that has something to do with it.


      Also, curiously, my System Information says I have 3.25 GB RAM even though I installed a total of 4.


      I also tried opening my project in PE 4 but can't; I guess I misunderstood that post about backward compatibility.


      In short, after reading many posts here about problems with PE 8, my question is this: should I give up on PE 8 and go back to PE 4 and start this project over?  (And get my money back, of course.)


      Thanks for any advice,


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          Kodebuster Level 3

          Sue, on review of your post and all the things you tried, was one of them to reduce the resolution of all Photos to 1000x750 before you import them into PE ???


          With approx 120 photos, a failure to do this will present some of the problems you may be witnessing with crashes, hangs, and mayhem in general.


          Check out this FAQ on Photo resolution for details:




          Regarding PE Processes that continue to run after you exit the program, review this FAQ:



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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            There are usually a few programs, and Processes, that DO continue to run after EndItAll 2 has been used. If you look at the list of programs, and the "lock" icon, plus the little dialog that pops up after you have run it, there will be some programs that have told EndItAll that they ARE necessary, and it will believe them. That is why I recommend manually Exiting from AV, spysweeper and pop-up blocker programs first. By their design, they will resist being closed by any program, as that is a trick of many Trojans, and Malware. They will lie to EndItAll and say that they ARE necessary, and by their design, they are. You need to manually Exit from them first.


            It sounds like you have done your reading well, as you are doing about everything right. Kodebuster is correct on the size of your still images. If they are not resized for video, that WILL likely cause problems. This ARTICLE will give you tips on resizing them in a batch, if necessary.


            Now, one question about your new RAM. Since you bought it from Dell and they know the specs. of your computer, I would assume that it is a perfect match for the 2GB that you already had. This is important. Next, when you did the physical install, did you also go into the BIOS with Setup at boot, and set the new total RAM there? This is important. When the POST (Power On System Test) runs, does it display the 4096 RAM? On some computers, you have to go into the BIOS via Setup and turn on the POST display. I do this first thing, as I want to see all of those numbers, when I boot my machine. Many mfgrs. turn POST display off. It runs, but the user cannot see it and cannot see those numbers. I find them important.


            Thank you for listing most important aspects of your computer, especially that free space on the HDD, and also for listing the steps that you have tried. That really helps. I wish you good luck, and hope that it's just RAM that has not yet been identified in the BIOS, or that the images are too large. Those are very easy fixes.




            PS - as for Project compatibility, you can usually go from an older version to a newer one, but NOT the other way around. Also, there can be situations where 100% of an older version's Project will not function perfectly in the newer version - things like Themes, 3rd party Transitions and the like, can mess things up.

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              Susan Verner Level 1

              Success!  I did forget the step about resizing the photos, and found that although this was a smaller project, there were some huge file sizes for almost half the pictures.  I wasn't able to to use the batch method for resizing (probably my error) but I did change them individually and successfully burned a DVD!!!  Thank you both for the feedback.


              I haven't checked my BIOS yet to see if the new memory is showing up, but I will do that now.


              Once again, this forum saves the day! 


              Thanks again,


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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Great news, and thank you for reporting your success!


                Too many feel that having overly large still images will enhance the output quality. It does not and it really taxes one's system and the editing program. You did the right thing and I'm glad to hear that you finished this Project.