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    button over Circle



      I have created class called Bubble which extends UIComponent. Through this class I am drawing various circles at run-time.

      And I have added this class in my default mxml file through tags.

      One more tag added in mxml file is for button as well.

      Now, whenever I drag circle drawn by Bubble class to that button, it comes over the button. But I want  it under the button.

      How can I do that?

      Thanks for the help in advance.




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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          Probably the drawing is performed after the MXML button is rendered.


          You could add the button in actionscript, after performing the drawing.


          Or perhaps you could add the circle as an MXML component, before the button tag.


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            imranv10 Level 1

            Thanks Greg,

            But in my project circle is drawn run-time. I mean, it will be generated after button.

            And I have put customized class tag (which draws circle) before button tag.

            Is there any other way????