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    Connecting to a remote Coldfusion server


      I've taken the easy way out in the past, but with the recent rebuild on this computer I wanted to keep the Coldfusion server and database running in a virtual server so I can shutdown those services out of memory instead of running them constantly on the the computer locally.


      I have a drive mapping to the server but am having a hard time setting up the correct locations.


      Where does the locations point to on a remote computer?

      Drive mapping: Net use Z: \\devserver\c$

      Coldfusion root folder: (I assume) Z:\Coldfusion9

      Web Root: Z:\INetPub\wwwroot\MyProject

      Root URL: http://devserver/


      OutPut folder: ?


      However, when I validate I get a web root does not exist among various other errors depending on where I point the folders.  Point is, I can't seem to figure out what the folders really mean...?


      Can anyone help?