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    Inserting Images Issue

      When I try to insert an image, I get the error "you must type a file path or URL" but only when attempting to insert the image residing on my network. As I recall from RH X5, I could insert an image from any file location. I can insert an image residing on my computer, but that's it. I am on RH7. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          I think it is to do with the length of the path. First of all are you fully patched? If not, update first and see if it still occurs. If it does, just copy the image to the root of the drive or to a folder very close and then import. You could copy it to within the project and then import it from there.

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            jeffch1970 Level 1
            Thanks, Peter. I followed your suggestion and it worked wonderfully. You and your Web site helped me a great deal with RH X5 a few years ago. I'm glad you're still around and willing to offer your help and advice. Thanks again,