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    after effects cs4 help


      i am trying to install adobe after effects cs4. i am running on win7. i know it is compatible because i have had the trial version before and it worked just fine but i uninstalled it a while ago. now i decided i want the full version but when i try to run the .exe a windows error pops up and says that "adobe after effects cs4 has stopped working windows is searching for a solution." i have tried to let it figure out what the problem is but no help. tried to convert to a .uif file and mount it to a drive hoping that by some chance that would help but that didnt work either. please help.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Any other Adobe apps on the system? If so, do they include any public Betas (Flash Catalyst, Lightroom 3 for instance)? Did the apps update recently? The recent Adobe Reader updates seem to habve some ill effects. In any case, if you have other Adobe tools, uninstall them all, run the CS4 Clean Script, delete the caps.db in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\caps and start with a clean slate. If you need to install other tools, make sure to install them in correct order, i.e. older versions first, then CS4, then all updates and only as a final step any Betas.



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            jochy_dueceprotogy Level 1

            okay. so i uninstalled adobe premiere pro and adobe audition. do i have to uninstall all adobe apps like flash and acrobat? and i downloaded the cleanscript cs4 file but when i open the folder "dist" there are a bunch of .dll's and some .exe files. i tried to run the CS4InstallerDatabaseUtility.exe but for some reason nothing happens. i see the cmd prompt flash for a fraction of a second and then its gone. nothing happens though.