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    Camera switching on stop


      We do a 3 camera edit of of our our community theater in CS4.  We switch from camera to camera in the multi camera screen as the video runs.  Sometimes when we stop, either to fix a mistake, review which camera to use or to save, Premiere will switch cameras on us.


      What makes this worse is that we have tried to do an undo to get rid of that last camera switch but it gets rid of the entire string of editing rather than the last switch.


      How do we stop it from switching cameras when we stop?

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          pebalsamo Level 2

          Not sure why it is swithcing on you but what you can do instead of "UNDO" is to


          1) right click on the clip that you want to change (in the timeline) the camera of, go up to "multi-camera" and select which camera you want it to be.


          2) left click on the clip you want to change (in the timeline) and then go over to your multi camera monitor and just click on the camera that you want it to be....


          Hope this helps...