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    Preferences Change in DNG Converter 4.6 Doesn't Persist

    Rocky Pope Level 1

      I am using DNG Converter v4.6.0.30 on a Mac running OS X 10.6.2 and I'm noticing that preference changes do not persist in the next session.  I'm trying to change "embed original RAW file" and the next time I run the program, the setting is unchecked.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program (moving the preference file to a difference location).  After reinstalling the application, there is no preference file in the ~/library/preferences folder.


      I checked the contents of the com.adobe.DNGConverter.plist file and it only contained items pertaining to Default Folder X (for example, one of the items was DefaultFolderX:NSNavOpenPanel:column.width).  I relaunched DNG Converter and the preference file was created, but it only contained one item - bplist00—_&NSNavBrowserPreferedColumnContentWidth#@g@.  I reopened DNG Converter and selected "embed original RAW file" and then closed the application.  I checked the preference file and it still did not have anything pertaining to "embed original RAW file."


      How can I get DNG Converter to "remember" the preferences I selected?