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    FlexStore - failure to initalize


      I'm playing around with the flexstore app example (well, *trying* to), but it stops 2/3 way through on initialization. This is an app built on Flex2 and I'm using Flex3. But it I'm not sure WHERE it's hanging up. It compiles fine, but it just won't finish initializing. I searched google and the forums and the best I've come up with is that on some of the .mxml files, it goes straight to VBOX or HBOX without utilizing the mx:Canvas property. Now, I've tried to change this, but frustratingly enough, when I do it in the 'CatalogTitleButtons.mxml' file, it gives me the error "cannot initialize states here".

      Any ideas on how I could get it to work so I can actually play with it would be delightful. Thank you!