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    newbie: how to use package




      Thanks to all for the work with Adobe Flex, I find it very useful. I'm a newbie and I would like to use a graph drawing (simple nodes, links, etc.) package in a flex project. I think I've found the package (flare), but I cannot yet use it.


      In the set of lessons starting with this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vra4IE8G5z0 I've seen how to create a new mxml component and how to include it into the main mxml file.


      I'd like to draw graphs and I've found flare. After I unzip the zip file downloaded from http://flare.prefuse.org/download


      1. where shall I put the unzipped prefuse-beta... directory (or one of its subdirectories) such that they main mxml file can "see" it ?
      2. how can I tell the main mxml file where it should look for the flare package(s) ?


      Shall I use something like  xmlns:prefuse="C:\PrefusePath\prefuse.*"  in the header of the main mxml file and then I can just write <prefuse:className>...</prefuse:className> ?


      Or am I entirely wrong and the new package should be included within an <mx:Script> ?

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          illes.farkas Level 1

          Sorry, I just unconciously pressed CTRL-S, which sent my message.


          Just wanted to say thanks in advance for any help.



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            Sebastien V. Level 3

            I don't know about flare, but generally speaking you must be able to find the library compiled as a .swc file.

            Now in your Flex Builder project you should have a lib or libs directory. If you don't, create it and add it to the library paths in your project properties.

            Put the swc file into this directory and you should be able to use the classes it provides.


            Then to use it in the mxml you should define a namespace




            but the Flex Builder auto completion will probably do it for you if you start typing the class name (like <SomeFlareCl for SomeFlareClass) and use the auto completion (ctrl + space).


            If you want to use it in AS3 script, you should then import the class with a line like


            import com.some.company.flare.SomeFlareClass;


            at the beginning of the Script tag or before the class declaration in an AS3 class. The auto-completion will also do the import automatically in this case.