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    Robohelp issues (folders & files are missing)


      Hi there,
      We're running Robohelp 7 HTML.
      We have 3 users using this product. All client PCs are running Windows XP (fully patched). They access their Robohelp project/documentation on a Windows 2003 dev server (also fully patched).
      Robohelp was working fine until several days ago. At this point, our users starting receiving Microsoft Visual C++ runtime errors & complained that they could no longer edit their files. Additionally, the .xpj file was missing. If it matters, there are 1774 files & 67 folders in the project. The project itself is only 38MB.
      After checking the server logs, I realized that several 'old' office updates were pushed to the server the night before. After further investigation,  it looked like KB904018 was the guilty update (more info here -> http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=7497D7F0-BEF5-4054-B854-B1240B513 5F5&displaylang=en). Basically, this update removes the functionality in Access 2002 that lets users add new data to or edit existing data in a linked Microsoft Excel worksheet. Figuring that was the culprit, we uninstalled the update (normally we don't do this but it isn't a critical update).
      After rebooting the server, we ran a full restore (which included the .xpj file), Robohelp started working again & everyone was happy.
      Several days later however, we started receiving complaints again. This time some of the directories & files within the Robohelp project had disappeared. I've double-checked the server logs, client logs, AV settings (on server & client), etc, but I don't see anything relevant. At this point I'm not sure what to do but I'm guessing there's some kind of corruption in the project now. What should I be looking at? Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

      ps: I've never worked with Robohelp before so forgive my ignorance