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    sharedObject Problem Help!

      I created a Flash game last year that's now on the market. It uses the sharedObject to save player details and saves these to the harddrive correctly on all the computers we used during the testing phase as well as many customers who have installed the game. Recently however 2 customers mention problems that their experiencing and these are resulting from the sharedObject not saving properly.

      The things these 2 have in common are:
      They've confirmed that their Flash local storage settings are enabled and set to store 100K.
      They are both running Windows XP Professional.
      Their computers don't have much ram.
      There are a few user profiles on the machine – all users have administrators rights.
      The sharedObjects > localhost folder is created correctly under their Documents and Settings profile.

      The sharedObject is created like this: var so:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("mySOEng", "/");

      Does anyone know what could be stopping the sharedObject from saving as it should?