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    Cant move folders

    wadedwalker Level 3

      I dont know if this is a glitch or not, but I cant re-arrange the folders in the layers palette. I can re-arrange object layers all day, but no folders? Is this a glitch or is my project just broken in that respect? Also, why is one of my folders randomly have a light blue highlight? Its lighter than the folder selection highlight. And this folder is not at the top of the stacking order, so I know its not that. Thanks for any help that can be given.

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          sasha magee Level 2

          You should be able to rearrange folders in the Layers Panel.  We have not seen a situation in which that didn't work, assuming i am correctly understanding what you mean. Can you test to make sure it is not project-specific? And if it is, we'd love to get a copy of the project to test with!


          The light blue highlight is the insertion layer. That's where new stuff you draw or paste will end up.




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            wadedwalker Level 3

            I just made a new project file and it does the same thing. If I am on the root of the project, I can re-arrange folders no problem whatsoever. But if you draw a rectangle, convert it to a generic component and double-click it to open that components timeline, and then start making folders and try to move them, you cant. And, still inside the newly created component, if you create multiple folders and move one inside another, it cant be moved back out to where it originally was. And for the light blue highlight box, thank you for informing me of that.

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              sasha magee Level 2

              Ah, yeah, if you are referring to moving folders around within an edit-in-place context, that was fixed pretty recently.




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                I, too, have folder moving issues, but since I'm a newbie with anything that looks and smells Flash but isn't, I figured it was something I was doing wrong in the process. Some folders moved without issue some of the time. Others would not budge. On occasion, a folder would only position itself within a subl-level folder between button parts.


                In addition, when working with button groups and folders, sometimes after a folder move, button parts were ghosting in other buttons, as if I left a trail of parts behind that somehow were acquired by another button. I made one button over again 6 times before it behaved its little self.


                These behaviors seem to occur at random without any logic or pattern.


                Not seeking any immediate or urgent solution, just sharing my observations as I test drive the app for its usefulness.



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                  sasha magee Level 2

                  Well, the issue you deswcribe as "On occasion, a folder would only position itself within a subl-level folder between button parts." is the bug we were discussing earlier in the thread, if I understand it correctly. As far as other stuff, all I can tell you is that it should work. Which, I realize, is not that helpful, but without specific steps I could use to reproduce any problems, it's hard to know what exactly is going on.


                  Wish I could help you better.