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    Had to re-install CS2 but Illustrator still don't work


      illustrator CS2 would not get past the spalsh screen and we tried everything to fix it and in the end re-installed the CS2 suite at the Mac store.


      But it still don't work and now indesign is asking for the serial number which it will not except.


      The CS2 suite is an upgrade package and it asks for the serial number which is a set of four but the old indesign serial number does not have enough digits so it cant be that one.


      So now we have no illustrator or indesign.


      The Mac Genius said wipe the hard drive, re-install OS x 10.4 and then the CS2 suite but the package is an update so would need the original software which is indesign 1.5, photoshop 6 and illustrator 9 which I think is OS 9.


      I think the boss needs to get the full version of CS4 but he will not want to pay the £1k for the same software that costs £500.


      Any ideas?