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    PPro CS4 and Soundbooth

    pebalsamo Level 2

      I have had a problem with a recent project trying to fix some audio clips in Soundbooth.  I would right click on the audio file and select "Render and Replace"  Soundbooth would open up and no matter what kind of change I made when I saved the file and went back to PPro, Premiere would lock up and I would have to close the program.  I could take the exact same video clips into another project and it would work flawlessly with Soundbooth.  It seems to be something with just that one project.  Is there anything that you guys can think of that would cause this issue???


      I worked around it by "Saving As" into a different folder and then importing that file into PPro and just putting it below the one I wanted to replace.  The only problem with that is that the clips were 1 frame shorter than the original.  It worked OK but that 1 frame being off really was making it a little more difficult...  I am going to ask about the 1 frame thing in the Soundbooth forum....