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    PRE 8, no more crashes

    gtacyclist Level 1

      I thought I would just share some positive news regarding PRE 8. I finally completed a 10 minute 720p HD video for upload to the web (input files from 2 cameras totalling approximately 4 hours of footage) where everything went smoothly... no hangs, no crashes.


      The editing was done on a new PC that I just assembled which was optimized for video editing. I took all the lessons I learned from perusing this forum as well as from other sites when I built the new PC. Here is what worked for me:


      1. O/S: Windows 7 Ultimate.

      2. Video Editing Software: PRE 8 plus Quicktime install.

      3. Hardware: Intel i7 860 CPU, 8 GB DDR3 1333 RAM, 3 x Western Digital Black HDD (1 for O/S and Apps, 1 for Project Files, 1 for Scratch files and O/S pagefile), Sapphire Radeon 5850 video card (using the latest WHQL drivers on ATI/AMD website).

      4. Disabled Auto-analyzer and Organizer.

      5. Disabled background rendering.


      Since Windows 7 has all the CODECs needed to playback video, there is no need to install any CODEC/CODEC pack downloaded from the web. Also installing Quicktime appear to have solved the problem I had before where I need to transcode the video from my camera first to be able to load it to PRE8.


      There are still some quirks such as the project intermittently "losing pointers" to previously rendered files when the project is re-opened but there are no more crashes and hang ups (knock on wood).


      In summary and looking back, I believemost of the issues I encounter were the result 1 or all of the following:


      1. Buggy drivers from Nvidia (I was using a GTX 260 video card in my older machine).

      2. CODEC packs installed interfering with PRE8. These CODEC packs were installed years ago in order to be able to playback video on the PC.

      3. Not installing Quicktime.

      4. Buggy Auto-analyzer/Organizer. Turning this feature off appeared to speed up PRE8.


      Hopefully this will help others who are still having issues with PRE8.


      One final thing about my setup, it appears PRE8 is not using the GPU to assist the CPU even if I have that option checked under preferrences when rendering videos... the reason I say this is because the GPU temps does not appear to increase when I render videos for smooth previewing. Not a big deal so long as everything is stable.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Thank you for taking the time to report. Looks like a beautiful system! I am envious. It also looks like you are doing things the correct way.


          I am not shy of CODEC's, per se, but do shun CODEC packs, because they usually have inferior versions of some existing CODEC's and also try to load a bunch of useless "stuff." I have 339 CODEC's on my workstation, but attempt to go to the source and do not mind paying for those. I also ONLY add them, when they are needed, and not before.


          Not sure about the GPU, but maybe Steve, Chad, Kodebuster, Neale or ATR can help you there. Not having PrE 8 (and a new video card) keeps me from being able to even test for you. Still, others, with great knowledge, will probably be able to address that issue/question.


          Good luck, and again, thanks,



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            nealeh Level 5

            gtacyclist wrote:

            One final thing about my setup, it appears PRE8 is not using the GPU to assist the CPU even if I have that option checked under preferrences when rendering videos... the reason I say this is because the GPU temps does not appear to increase when I render videos for smooth previewing. Not a big deal so long as everything is stable.

            A GPU is designed to enhance 3D Graphics Rendering within an application. Rendering a PRE project does not display anything (other than a progress box) so I wouldn't expect GPU temperature to rise.


            But I did a small test anyway. My PC has been on most of the day so it's 'idle' temperatures are at normal. I then set a 15 minute video to render (added ghost effect to entire timeline). No temperature increase in any of the quad cores (even though they were running at an average 40%). GPU temp lifted no more than a couple of degrees and I wouldn't put that down to PRE.


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              chaosdsmFL Level 1

              If I understand it right... the GPU is not used by PrE8, except for transitions, effects, & to preview your video while editing, and is mainly useful if you have background rendering enabled, as it allows the CPU to continue background rendering while still enabling you to preview your vid.   It seems Adobe is way behind the curve, as not only do they not support 64bit (other products in the same price range as PrE8 do & with considerable boost to rendering speed), but they don't support GPU rendering in the final render either, only for transitions, effects, & preview as noted above.  No telling when these features will be added to the "Elements" products, though they are scheduled for CS5 products.


              If you want to check to see if PrE is using the GPU at all, you can use GPUz to live monitor your GPU stats, and to log the stats to txt file http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/1709/TechPowerUp_GPU-Z_v0.3.8.html



              BTW.. according to my GPUz log... GPU Load remains at 0%, but my core & memory clock both jump from 500/750 (2D/desktop speeds) to 680/1050 (3D/gaming speeds) while PrE is rendering and temps increase slightly.   Catalyst Control Center also shows 0% utilization, and the same increase from 2D to 3D speeds, but can't create a running log.

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                The background rendering seemed to be the cause of my crashes, too, so I disabled that....it made no difference to the functionality of an obviously flawed program.  I have wasted too much time trying to figure out PE8's problems and get it operating with Windows 7.  This is the first time since starting back with PE1 that I've had any issues with PE or any of its upgrades (I've worked with 5 upgrades now).  I'm now shopping for a better, more stable program that can actually function with Windows 7.  This is really disappointing since I just spent $99 on the PE8 upgrade, but have been unable to produce anything with it (I had no choice but to upgrade since PE7 does not function with Windows 7....ha! neither does PE8).  Yes, this is just me venting and not contributing anything to this forum, but maybe someone from Adobe will catch on.


                By the way, my system consists of the following:

                          Windows 7 64 bit

                          Intel Core i5 processor

                          1tb internal HD, several external HDs

                          8gb RAM

                          NVidia GT230 with 196.21 driver update

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Oh, man. Windows 7 64-bit again! It seems like several times a day we see someone running 64-bit Windows 7 that has problems with Premiere Elements 8!


                  The 64-bit drivers do seem to be at the center of a lot of these problems. Windows 7 32-bit runs Premiere Elements quite stably! Not perfect -- but, at least on my system, good enough that I can edit and output videos.

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                    gtacyclist Level 1

                    I forgot to mention I am using Windows 7 Ultimate x64... no major issues. I suspect others who are encountering issues with Windows 7 might be due to driver related issues with their videocard (Nvidia is notorious for this) and/or sound. I also probably should mention that I am using a Gigabyte GA P55A-UD4P motherboard with the integrated Realtek ALC889 sound chip. I am using the Realtek drivers supplied by Gigabyte.


                    chaosdsmFL, thanks for reminding me about GPU-Z monitoring capability. I also forgot that the ATI CCC has the  Overdrive dialog page where I can view GPU activity. I was only monitoring the temps using the CPUID HWMonitor utility. I will use these to see if there is any GPU activity when rendering previews, applying effects, and rendering the final output. I suspect you are right and PRE8 probably is still not taking advantage of ATI's Stream feature (the counterpart of Nvidia's CUDA).

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Another utility for heat monitoring (and more) is Speedfan. It will pick up feeds from ALL sensors in the computer, CPU's, GPU's MoBo, HDD's, and has proved extremely useful to many PrPro users. One great aspect of it is that it is FREE!


                      Good luck,