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    Scrolbar problem


      I build a website in flash 3 cs. It is quiet simple; five frames, each frame is a page.

      On page 3,4 and 5 I have put a dynamic text with a scrollbar. Now when I publish my site to a swf file the following happens.

      When i go from page 1 to 3 a scrollbar appears with a certain size which matches the amount of text. When i go from there to page 5, which has much more text, the scrollbar stays the same size as on page 3. Result; I cannot scroll down to see the whole text.

      When I go to page 5 coming from page 1, the scrollbar appears in the right size. Weird!
      Any solutions? Thnx

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          HetBruist Level 1

          I put it online so you can see what i mean www.moomusic.eu

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What you are probably suffering is an anomoly of Flash regarding having the same objects in adjacent keyframes--they inherit characteristics. You didn't mention which version of Actionscript you're using, so you may wat to look into the scrollbar (or whatever component is being used) to see if there is a method for refreshing it that you can place in each frame.  If there isn't, then your best bet is to separate your sections with blanks frames between them so that the one is not mistaken for another and can't adopt its characteristics.  Another option would be to alternate them on different layers so that the scrollarbar in frame 3 is on a different layer than the one on frame 4.

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              HetBruist Level 1

              Thank you, i have put them in diffferent layers and it wordks! Do you happen to know why I cannot make headings in bold in dynamic text fields. When i try to do that the complete text turns into bold?

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You should start a new post for any new question you have so that someone searching for an answer to the same thing can more easily find it.  That said....


                If you have a dynamic textfield you can assign the html tagged text to the htmlText property instead of the text property.  This will allow you to have text appear in bold versus not or in different colors, etc, though Flash has limited support for html tags.


                I believe you can also set text formatting for specific ranges of characters in a textfield but I've never attempted it so I can't say more about it.  It has been discussed in some fairly recent posts somewhere in the various Flash forums.  Though if you knew this much about the text to start with, you may just as well have used a static textfield, which would have sidestepped the issue altogether since you can format your heart out in them manually using the text editor.