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    unable to download font package after online purchase




      I've been lost in the frustrating world of Adobe Customer Service and Tech Support on the phone for more than the last hour.  My problem is that I purchased a font package (Helvetica Std) online this morning and then after following the link from my Order History page to "Download", I am then brought to the Your Downloads page where the "Download" link goes nowhere.  In fact, the URL for this link is the very same as the Your Downloads page itself, so no wonder it doesn't link to anything.  Has anyone else had this issue?


      Tech support was no help as the first guy kept asking me various questions about the "software", even asking if I've downloaded the trial version.  Well, it's not software, it's a FONT!  He also tried to tell me that it's Mac only.  Whatever guy, it's an Open Type font package and will work on Mac and Windows.


      I've since spoken to two members of Cutomer Service and two more members of Tech Support.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I can't take this anymore and will soon be asking for a refund.


      Has anyone else had this or any similar problem?  All I want to do is download my purchase!