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    Catalyst to Flash Builder ignores CSS added?



      Taken a project from Flash Catalyst and brought it in to Flash Builder.

      I have tried styling the controls in the project using CSS in Flash Builder top of the page style tags and by external css. but it seems to either ignore the styles or in the case of a color style combine it with another color directive somewhere else in the project that i cannot find? For example i style a label with a color of green and it appears as blue when the project is run even though there is no blue color declaration in the entire project. It only seems to pick up inline style declarations.


      I have tried adding a component that was not in the original catalyst design (label control) and that also ignores all CSS information pointing to the label via selector (s| Label) or the labels ID. I have also declared namespaces and there is no warnings or errors on the CSS.


      Any help or answers appreciated.