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    After Effects error: Unable to allocate space for image buffer

    cowboymustache Level 1

      I am having some glitchy issues with After Effects, very inconsistent, but I am getting the error message "After Effects error: unable to Allocate Space for a 7500 x 4500 image buffer. You may be experiencing fragmentation. In the Memory and Multiprocessing Preference dialog box, trying increasing the RAM to leave for other applications, and selecting the Enable Disk Cache option in the Media & Disk Cache Panel".


      Pretty straightforward, but I have a brand new 8 core dual 2.25 Mac Pro with 16GB Ram. I have it set to allow other applications to use 7GB, have jockeyed that setting between 1GB and 5GB and still gotten the same error message. Disk Cache is set to 3GB, have pushed it all the up to 7GB and still gotten the same message. I am working in 1080p, but I got the error message with Open GL on, quarter resolution, and wasn't even trying to RAM preview. I also noticed that with a straight 1080p clip .mov animation codec clip, after effects will only RAM preview about 7 seconds. That is without any other layers or effects.  I do not have all of my source footage in one folder, I am going to try that next. I am running of a fast internal hard drive that is not they system drive.  It also seems like it happens after I have been using the comptuer for awhile. If I restart the problem will usually go away for a little while.


      I think that I may have a bigger system error, the computer locked up bad once after I had it for a few weeks and since that happened CS4 has been unstable in general, especially Photoshop and Bridge. My guess is bad RAM, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something with my AE settings.  If any one has any input please let me know. Thanks.