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    Create a form filling application.


      I am looking to build an application to fill forms on remote sites based on information in my database.  Something similar to roboforms.  Would this be possible with AIR?  If so can you point me in the right direction.


      I can render a remote web page but I would like to then be able to select from a drop down list and fill a form based on the selection from my list.  Is it possible to fill in input boxes or manipultate the input tags to have a value?  Thanks in advance.

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          Yes, you should be able to accomplish this without a whole lot of struggle.


          You can load the remote web page into an HTML container.  Once it is loaded, you have full access to the page's DOM objects, where you can insert text, select drop-downs, etc. programitically.  There are a few examples on how to do this in the AIR Cookbook located on Adobe's DevNet site.