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    Problem with cairngorm commands executing multiple times




      I have a simple cairngorm application where a user enters some data in a flex  form and clicks submit. This in turn dispatches an event that gets mapped to a command which is then executed. The command contains a delegate to a remote java object which actually updates an oracle database.


      Everything kinda works. The user fills out the form, clicks submit, the event fires, the command executes, the remote object is called and the database row is created  ---BUT the problem is that the cairnogrm command gets called 3 times for every single event that is fired. I see 3 inserts into the oralce database!


      I saw the adobe bug below, and so I upgrade my flex builder sdk to 3.5 from 3.2... but it did not solve it, same issue..... has anyone experience this? any ideas or help would be appreciated!




      Thank You,