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    Calculate form field based check box


      I'm sorry to have to beg help for what must be a very simple operation but being new to scripting and not finding what I'm looking for

      by searching the forums I would really appreciate some help with this simple operation:


      I have a check box called "PlanCheckYes-No" and two form fields called "subtotal" and "PlanReviewFee".  What I'm trying to accomplish is to have PlanReviewFee generate a fee of 35% of "subtotal" when "PlanCheckYes-No" is checked.  zero if it's unchecked.  in common language the equation would be something like this:


      If "PlanCheckYes-No" = TRUE, then 0.35 * "subtotal", if not then 0


      Anyone able to give me a hand with this?


      Would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


      Steven Leuck