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    Rendering HD Video Correctly for Flash (CS3 version)


      Hi everyone,


      For the LIFE of me I cannot figure out what the "magic selections" are for converting my HD video into a flash mp4 video are. I can get the mp4, but flash doesn't like it.


      Before I continue, here are the specs:



      Premiere Pro CS3

      Flash Professional CS3



      Canon XHA1s HD camcorder, recording at 1080p @60i


      Problems I am facing:


      I can convert using the H.264 codec to create a HD mp4 file, but flash will not play it.


      My Workflow:


      Okay, I will start from the beginning.

      -I start a new project in Premiere.

      -I select "HD1080i 60i" as my format.

      -I capture video off of the camcorder in premiere.

      -The video looks great, and is definately in HD quality. I pull the captured video into my source pane, then set my in and out points.

      -I insert those points into my program pane.

      -I export my video using adobe media encoder.

      -I select H.264 as my format.

      -I select a custom preset.

      -I make the size of my frame half the size of the original file.

      -I set the framerate to 30.

      -The TV standard is set to NTSC.


      -Then I open Flash CS3.

      -I follow the tutorial exactly given by Tom Green on this webpage: http://www.layersmagazine.com/hd-video-in-flash-professional-cs3.html


      -When I preview my video file, an error message pops up saying that the URL has to be an fla file!




      ALSO my files are absolutely HUGE!!! this file for instance became about 86 megs!! Is there any way to downsize without loosing a huge amount of quality?


      SO...if you want to try to correct me, be my guest. OR if you just have a way of doing it that works please, do share! I'm getting pretty frustrated with this thing...


      Thanks in advance!