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    PPro CS4 and Dynamic Link Sound problem

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          I'm having an issue which I have never experienced before because I used to render the video before bringing it to Encore.  I have experienced the same problem on two different projects, and two separate editing stations.  One project was SD and the other project HD.  The audio starts looping somewhere in the middle of the video and continues playing the same two sec audio clip for the remaining of the video.  The video image is perfect it's just the audio that does it.  I have both PCs running the latest version of PPro CS4 4.1 as well as everything else as of Jan 19th.  I never used to have this problem when I rendered the footage before importing.  It was odd that it happens to two different workstations.  I'm running Vista 64bits on both PCs.  16 Gbs of Ram on one and 12Gb on the other.


         Any suggestions?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Update to 4.2.1

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            I just updated to Premiere and the problem continued but I think I may have found the reason why.  Encore was showing the problem even before I burned the DVD I just never realized it before.  I opened the SD project where I had the problem and hit play on the encoded timeline and noticed the problem existed there.  I removed the imported sequence and reimported it again, as I did "revert to original" and got the same result, but I noticed that I may have caused the problem by hiting build before Nero finished "processing" the audio.  I didn't wait long enough for Nero to process the audio even though there was no indication that anything was still pending.  I noticed that once I hit play right after importing a Sequence I would only hear audio up to a certain point, it would then go mute on the remainder portion of the audio.  I would wait a few seconds and hit play again and this time I could hear more audio.  I waited until I could hear the audio at the end of each one of my clips.  (My longest clip is 1hr. 30 Min.)  Hit build and problem went away.


            To recap;


            I now verify that I can hear audio on all the timelines before I hit build.  It appears to me that Encore may start encoding the files without having finished processing the audio and it wiill end with a loop of about 1sec where it finished processing the audio instead of going mute.  I hope I was clear in my explanation.  The solution may have also been a combination of the update and waiting but I'm just glad I found the reason because I simply love Dynamic Link.


            Thank You Harm for the quick response.