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    Simple Question about XML & Pagination

      Hi, I'm fairly new to Flex and am trying to get my XML data to paginate. I have an XML file, links.xml (id=linky) with the nodes <links>, <desc>, <url>. These all go into my datagrid (code attached). What I want to do is paginate the results rather than them scrolling. I've looked for other examples, its just not of them seem to work for me. They're pulling from an ArrayCollection dataset.

      I was attempting to follow the source at: http://gurufaction.blogspot.com/2007/02/flex-datagrid-paging-example-with.html. However, it did not work. No results were displayed. I believe it had something to do with (verbatium source, attached code):
      I need to access my XML nodes in that section...but how?????

      Any help is welcome and appreciated!!