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    Is timed capturing possible?

    jdmack01 Level 1

      I have a number of VHS tapes that I need to digitize.  Ideally, I'd like to digitize them at night after I've left my office.  Is it possible in Premiere CS4 to capture a preset amount of time?  Otherwise it would keep capturing long after the tape is over.


      J. D.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          It stops at the end of the recording when done over firewire. Even if there are two hours of tape left.

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            No preset, it will usualy keep capturing until the tape is finished even when the end off the tape is black/blanc. That is when e.g. a camera is used as a av-dv device. The vhs tape does not have a timecode.

            But if you are capturing to dv-avi, then put the avi on the timeline cut off the black and export it to dv-avi.

            There will be a generation loss but not noticeble.

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              jdmack01 Level 1

              I'm not sure that the two answers so far apply to my situation (though I do appreciate them).  I am running a VHS

              deck into the analog inputs of my Sony DSR-11, and then passing the signal through the firewire to my computer.  There is no tape control.  So if I start digitizing a 2-hour VHS tape and go home for the evening, it seems that Premiere will capture until I come back into my office 14 hours later, and I'll have a gigantic file with 2 hours of video and 12 hours of black.


              If it is not possible to tell Premiere "capture for 2 hours then stop," I will request this as a feature in Premiere CS5.  In Premiere 6.5, there is a "capture limit" setting, so it shouldn't be too hard to reintroduce it.


              J. D.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                When doing a Capture of VHS tapes (via an A-D bridge and FW), I find this a good time to log the shots with approximate Timecode, and scene descriptions, so that I can then more easily address the editing process. I did a chart for this and just sit and take notes, filling in the cells of the chart. When done, I have a pretty good idea of what I will need, and about where it will be found. I even go so far as to take notes on things like Color Correction and Gamma Adjustments, so I have a plan, when I go to edit. This is time that would otherwise be spent watching the files, once Capture was complete.


                Good luck,