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    is AIR for me ?


      Im new to AIR.. im reading the AIR with ajax book i bought and i have a question for you people.


      I need this functionality and want to know if AIR is capable of ... and i also have some questions.


      What i need to do :


      • Desktop application with a login that uses a remote hosted DB on internet server to check the username and password.. when login how do i manage the session ? is this possible ?
      • CRUD using a remote DB , could be SQLite or MySQL or whatever
      • I will use JavaScript, Ajax, how do i access the remote DB to insert, update, delete data ? using action script ?
      • Is AIR api for action script ? or im using javascript with the api ? can i use Python with AIR api ? ..i guess no


      I hope AIR meet my requirements ;-) .. whats your opinion ?




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          Ansury Level 3

          Why use Ajax and JavaScript hacks for a desktop application?  Is this choice being forced on you?  If not, I'd strongly suggest ditching that entire concept and simply using Flex with AIR.  You'll end up with a much nicer end product and you won't need to worry about AIR changes breaking JavaScript rubbish some day down the road.


          • Session management: will vary depending on your back-end implementation. A google for "Flex security" should turn up resources answering your questions on sessions.
          • CRUD: (god I hate that term) in Flex with Blaze Data Services or Granite Data Services is pathetically simple, and much easier than with "DHTML/JavaScript hacks".
          • Database access: will again depend on your back end implementation. If you're using Java like I'm familiar with, a Flex Data Services call via Flex RemoteObject is simply a Java method call.  The method (which you control the interface to) will have parameters for any data coming over the wire, and return type for anything going back to the Flex client.  No stupid HTTPServletRequest/Response and such garbage to speak of.
          • AIR is not an API for ActionScript, I'd say it's more like a custom VM environment, but I can't recall the official description.