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    How do I enable rights in Reader?




      I am trying to create a process for our employees to digitally sign documents.  This is very simple if you have Standard but none of them do- they only have Reader.  I know that you're able to sign documents in reader if the rights are enabled... however I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this.  I think I read somewhere that you could use LivecycleES2 to enable rights.  I tried to download a trial version of this to test it out but it took hours with no success.  Regardless of whether or not that program does work, we have a large company and likely will not purchase it after the trial runs out anyways... otherwise I would just request that we purchase Standard for everyone.


      Can anyone tell me if it's possible to enable rights when creating a pdf from a word document (printing to cute pdf) OR once the pdf has already been created and you only have Reader to open it with.

      Thank you


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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You would need Acrobat to enable the rights. It is available in all versions of 9 (Pro, Standard and Extended) or the Pro version of 8.


          Keep in mind that enable PDF's have a limit to their use and aren't intenended to be used in a vloume (corporate) situation. Your use may or may not quilify but you'll want to study the EULA before making too many plans to be sure you are covered.