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    Too Many Activations


      I have had a great deal of trouble with the Sony Reader and it's frequently having to be authorized on my computer.  Bottom line is I finally had too many activations with the Digital Editions. Then I had similar problems and requested a reactivation swearing that I will never use the Sony Reader again and only use my Nook and Kindle.  I have waited weeks for a response. This is after taking a month to resolve the activations issue the first time.

      I bought the nook because I really liked the idea of epub but I am completely soured by this experience. I would rather have Kindle DRM where Amazon responds quickly than have to beg a company to allow me to use their software.  It's too bad.  I was hoping that we were going to be able to pressure Amazon to use epub, but I'd probably prefer they don't. Is it really that difficult and time consuming to reset the Digital Editions Activations?


      Case 081352143

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          I'm sorry for you poor experience with our support.  I've reset your activations.


          (Oh and for the support team that should be looking at this the case# is 0181352143  - he forgot the 1 at the beginning )

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            Jim Lester Level 4

            Oh and reading through your case (while I'm writing up the complaint to the support management team).  The answer you should have got originally is this eBooks are not transferrable between AdobeIDs.   Devices are limited to a single activation at a time.  Computers may have a single activation per OS account.  Deactivations do not increase your activation count.


            Your choices if you have books associated with 2 different AdobeIDs are


            1.) Ask the place where you purchase the books associated with the old AdobeID for redownloads - make sure you get a new transaction ID (or you'll get an error saying the license is for a different user)


            2.) Create a seperate OS account for the old books - do not transfer them to a new account.


            and then there are the non palatable choices to either write off the old books and/or repurchse the content

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              FredGRubin Level 1

              Thanks for the prompt reply. It now works fine and in fact, I was able to transfer my old books over my new ereader.

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                FredGRubin Level 1

                Thanks. Got everything going right now.