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    Automating mass logo, name & indd version change


      Our company recently changed its name and logo.  We also migrated from a mixed cs2/cs3 environment to cs4.  We have around 3500 indesign documents that need to be updated.


      Every file needs the following accomplished:


      1. Update from cs2/cs3 to cs4.

      2. Update logo link (simple 'update link' is sufficient, same location etc)

      3. Find/Replace old company name with new company name

      4. Save file (saving in same directory as old version, preferably overwriting old version)

      5. Export pdf with specific preset.


      I am not a codemonkey by any means and my googlefu is failing me.


      Here is what I have found so far.


      //==== Batch PDF =====\\
      /* InDesign JavaScript to Create PDFs of a batch of InDesign files using an export PDF preset */

      var myPDFExportPreset = app.pdfExportPresets.item("batchpdf");
      var myFileLocation = Folder.selectDialog("Please select path to files");

      myFolder = new Folder ([myFileLocation]);
      myFolderContents = myFolder.getFiles("*.indd"); // array
      myFileAmount = (myFolderContents.length - 1);

      // ===== Open, Export as PDF, and Close files ===== \\
      for (i = myFileAmount; i >= 0; i--)
          app.open(File (myFolderContents[i]));
              File(myFolder.fsName + "/" + app.activeDocument.name.split(".indd")[0] + ".pdf"),


      This works for opeing it and making a pdf but it needs to be managed and it does not go from directory to directory/sub directory.


      If I need to run a separate script for each step that is fine, but I am at a loss at where to go next.


      Please help!