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    How to code-select subitems in TreeView CS3

    moniuch Level 1



      I have a treeview listing all system fonts, grouped in families (being nodes). Now I try to programmatically expand a given family (this works fine through setting the '.expanded' property) and then select an item within an expanded group. This gives me a hard time. To no avail did I try various methods, such as setting the '.selected' or 'expanded' (a desperate attempt ;-) properties, as well as setting the '.selection' property of the treeview control.


      The UI stops at expanding and selecting the node, failing to dig into its interior.


      When I looked into the reflection properties, the item has a "parent" property, being the index of the parent node, but this knowledge leads me to nowhere, as the control doesn't seem to be able to access the subitems.


      Can this be done at all? Anyone been through this?


      (I'm on CS3, which may matter in such subtle cases.)