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    Flash ring (rotating) as clipart?



      this is a combination of questions.


      I am doing some tutorial videos. I want to have a rotating ring on the screen to show people where to click.


      My understanding is, that you can use *.swf files as cliparts.


      My questions:

      1) Is there a free download for a simple rotating ring? (e.g. a ring made with a dotted line that rotates, used often as loading gfx in flash)

      2) Is there a detailed tutorial how to use these things? I made a test with a free SWF file, and I can't change the lenght of the swf. So if the animation is a lenght of 1 second, I want to display it for 10 seconds, starting over and over again. I did not find anything on that topic in the Elements' help.


      Thank you