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    Mouse Over Behaviour

      I am currently developing a toolbar application and have an issue with mouse events.

      Currently there is a parent canvas which has a mouseOut event where the canvas is hidden. Within that canvas there is a Hbox which contains images which have an mouse click event. When I mouse over the image it triggers the parent MouseOut event.

      having looked at http://nondocs.blogspot.com/2007/04/flexfaqmouseevents.html but it does not resolve the problem. having also tried to identify the event.target.id but it does not register for the imagme mouseOver and gives exception errors.

      Anybody got any ideas for the HBox child does not trigger the MouseOut event. Also tried switching it to a button.

      I would really like to not have to hack a solution with using the mouse x and y coordinates.

      Hope somebody can help Im going round in circles.