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    Anti-aliasing in exported images


      I had been using Flash MX 2004 previously to create sprites for video games.  In the "export" dialog, there was a check box labeled 'smooth,' which I could un-check in order to retain the hard edges that I needed in order to use the sprites in a game.


      Somewhat recently, I upgraded to Flash CS4.  I have since noticed that, while the 'smooth' checkbox is still there in the "export" dialog, it doesn't do anything.  The exported image is anti-aliased whether or not the box is checked.


      I have tried many different options for exporting, including all different kinds of file types.  Through this experimentation, I also noticed:

      1) that even though it is possible to choose a palette when exporting a .gif, the exported image does not use this palette, and

      2) that if one exports the image as an Adobe Illustrator file, the colors are wrong.




      What I want is to export an image that is not anti-aliased, and uses only the colors that I picked when drawing.  Is this still possible in CS4, as it was in MX 2004?

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          Hello. It may seems quite stupid and maybe it is but, if the checkbox is there, sometimes the problem dissapears reinstaling the software. I had in fact a similar problem with mi 2004 FLASH PROFESIONAL. Sometimes it seems that the aplication has been instaled properly but it hasn't. Good luck. MamenFLASH$